You can do it alone

No, I haven’t always been like this.

A lot of people travel. Some alone, but most of them are two or more together. More and more people have reacted lately when I´ve told them I´m traveling alone. And personally it was a big step for me. That part to just go and follow my own dreams and do what I love.

Today it has become a normality to do everything in pairs. To go to the movies together, to the restaurant or to go traveling. And a while back, I was there too. I always wanted to have company when hiking, eating out and someone to travel around the world with. Until one thing happened.

It ended between my fiancé and me. It was a really hard time at the time, but I also learned a lot. The last 7 years I had been in a relationship. It made me realise how little time I actually had had  for myself.

It has been ups and downs. But one and a half year later, and here I am. Eating out alone and travel alone. And it´s fantastic! The feeling of freedom to not think about what anyone else wants to do or where they to go. To just think about what I want, and it makes me feel a lot more independent. I love that feeling.

Of course, one day, I´d love to travel the world and share a good meal out with my future other half. But it´s also important to do things alone. The best thing we can do is to learn, grow and change.

So no, I haven´t always been like this. I´ve learned, grown and changed. And now, I´m gonna travel the world!


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