Who is Tonje Juvik?

I´m that Norwegian redheaded chick with a husky/wolf tattoo on her arm, hiking mountains and traveling the world.

In 1993 I poppet out in this world, small and innocent. (that ended quickly, haha.) Over the years I grew up with 23 huskys in the backyard and went on some awesome dogsledding, hiking and fishing trips. And growing up in the Norwegian mountains, I naturally fell in love with nature.

After finishing school I´ve worked, so my free spirited soul can travel and hike. To be happy is my goal, and I love to help others follow their own dreams as well. We got one life, so we gotta live it!

So I’ll bring you with me on this journey, documenting and showing the world from my perspective.

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norwegian mountains
Hiking in the Norwegian mountains.
From a motorcycle ride in Mexico.