What to see and do in Iceland, personal adventure experiences

The place where I live and work now is called Höfn. A cute little small town in southeast Iceland. It is a beautiful place with a great view towards Vatnajökull, the biggest glacier in Europe. But when you’ve seen most things that is to do here, then its time to go a little further away for new adventures.

And this time I got really lucky! I have been looking for reindeers on previous travels here, but haven’t seen any. And all of a sudden one was standing next to the road all alone, eating, as we passed it. So we turned around and took a closer look.

They arrived Iceland in the 18th century from Norway, and live in southeast Iceland. Today there are approximately 3000 wild reindeers here.

reindeer iceland

On this day we had (traveled with colleagues and friends) a 11-12 hour long roadtrip adventure. Which was a lot of fun, but also in the end very exhausting hence I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before. But its like an adrenaline, and the hunger to experience and see new things. Keeps me more awake. Can’t say no to new experiences and adventures.

We first went to Hoffell glacier, which is about a 20 minute ride from Höfn. And my colleague that have been here for a couple of years told me that she remember when it was water instead of mud and rocks that is there now.  You can see the line pretty clearly below, where the water was, but is now gone. And the glacier is disappearing really fast.

hoffell glacier

Under this glacier, it is actually a volcano as well, named Geitafell volcano. But it haven’t been active for 5-6 million years.

hoffell glacier

Here you can also see the video from Hoffell natural hot tubs.

hoffell glacier

We then went back on the ringroad 1 towards west and just stopped at places we wanted to see more of. Like this place.

blomster eng

sheep glacier flower view

Here is a good example of Iceland during summertime. The sheeps, glaciers and flowers. And we stopped by this beautiful slightly hidden waterfall.


And we had a stop in Jökulsárlon lagoon again. Which also made my day so good, cause I saw a wild seal for the first time in my life! It was just for a brief moment, but it was so cute, and I was so stoked, and still is!

jökulsárlon lagoon


This will be the part one post, cause there is so much to show and stories to tell. Our goal for this trip was a Puffin tour that is in Ingólfshöfði, in the southeast part of Iceland, fameous for the adorable puffin birds. Or Lundi as the Icelandic people call them. So stay tuned!





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