To life. To roam. To live in the moment.

That wanderlust feeling.
To roam.
Seeing new places.
Get fresh new impressions.
To live in the moment.

roaming iceland

When I see photos of beautiful places, I decide where I want to go. But that impression is far away from the ones I get by being there, in that moment.

driving road iceland

When you travel, you look for differences and similarities to other countries you have been in before. Or simply something that can give you that feeling of freedom.

For me, Iceland is so different from anything I´ve seen before. Flat landscapes and almighty mountains. When roaming around, you can feel it inside of you. The power of nature.  And nothing beats that.

standing on iceberg iceland

If there´s anything you want, you have to go get it yourself. No one else can know what your heart wants, and then deliver it to you on a silver-plate. And you´re thinking «of course, everyone knows that.» But why is there so many then, that doesn’t do anything about it?

Learn, be unsure, grow, be yourself, have self-confidence, be independent, make new memories with new and old friends. See the world.  That´s what I want.




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