Því miður, skil ekki – Sorry, i don´t understand

It might sound a bit weird, but to just sit and not understand a flying fuck of what other people are talking about in a different language, is pretty great sometimes! (notice, sometimes)

I´m currently working at a hotel here in Höfn, and there are both staff and guests at the hotel, that are from all different corners in this world.  Mostly everyone speaks English, but many times guests think I’m Icelandic and starts to speak in a language I don´t yet know how to speak or to write. In those times it would´ve been great to know Icelandic.

On the other hand, after work, we went to the swimming pools to relax. And to just lay there and not understand a word and to completely zoom out, that part was fantastic. Cause if you understand the language, you kinda automatically listen without even intending to do so. And I felt I could relax even more in that way.

I love to learn new things, and especially languages. So there will come a time where I´ll speak more than just Norwegian and English. Hopefully I´ll manage Spanish next! 

Do you like to understand it all? Or do you also find it relaxing to not understand everything? 


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  1. I used to feel this way about Dutch. Sometimes I would marvel at the way they spoke the language and how I knew absolutely nothing of what was being said. Now I am at a stage where I maybe understand 40% of what my friends are saying when they speak in their native language.. which actually leaves me feeling even more confused. Sometimes it’s more ‘relaxing’ like you say, when you understand nothing and you can just ‘switch off’ from the world than when you understand a little bit and spend the whole time trying to follow the conversation and figure out the other 60% 😀

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