Think, but not too much.

It´s incredible how much time you have, to think about things as a maid. Don´t get me wrong, there are many awesome, a little nasty and funny stories coming with that job, and I love that. But at the same time, you spend often a lot of time alone, cleaning, very often with no one else in that same floor.

In the past I´ve always found that quietness soothing and relaxing while out in nature, or on the bus to somewhere new, looking out the window and let the thoughts wonder.

landscape iceland

Even though I don´t like to think about things too much, which can make you go nuts in the end (and no one wants that!). But to just feel at peace, even when cleaning toilets. And knowing that you are cleaning toilets in Iceland. That there are many adventures ahead. Even though it was a little rough morning, cause last night was a lot of fun while out with new friends.

selfie redhead blue eyes

We never know anyway what future brings, so why worry? The only thing we can do, is to live now, in this moment. To do what you want, and work with what you want so you are one step closer to your dreams.

And with that, I hope everyone is ready for a new week to come!



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