The waterfall

Not too far from here, there´s a little, but beautiful waterfall that you can even walk behind. So of course we had to check it out! Along the way we experienced our first tunnel here, saw a perfectly shaped mountain, the waterfall and a clear (blue-ish) river.

river iceland

The feeling of even entering the place was magical. The fog on some of the mountain tops makes it all more mysterious. And being between the mountains also gave a nice shelter for the wind.

mini waterfall iceland

And being here now, it kinda feels like I get a second spring. Spring was just arriving and turning into summer back home in Norway when I left. When I arrived Iceland it was so cold compared to Norway, but now it´s like everything is coming back to life. It´s getting warmer even though it´s still cold. I just love spring time!

Flower iceland spring

And by the waterfall, there´s this little cave you go into to get around and behind the waterfall. And when in there, all you can hear is the bouldering water hitting rocks and more water. In one way it can be very loud, but it´s also very quiet. In a way where you can clear your mind and focus on one thing. The vision, what you can see around you. To just use your senses.

waterfall iceland

Especially the part where I was standing behind the waterfall. And feel it boulder right in front of me, like it´s gonna move mountains, all that power. To feel the water splash from the rocks. But it doesn’t matter if I get wet, cause to just be there and feel the power of nature is indescribable.

standing behind waterfall

Life is what you make it. I choose to see beauty in the little things, the simpel things. And that makes me happy from within. And then everything will work out the way it´s supposed to be. Gotta enjoy life while we can!

standing behind waterfall iceland






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