The trip to Baja California, Mexico

I was planning to head down south from California last year, but just did not have enough time. I was in the states for just over two weeks then. But this time we did have the time!

So we had a solid road trip, and went down to Baja California on a motorcycle. We started from San Clemente and went towards Tecate. A little border east for Tijuana. The view was amazing with desert mountains and the sun starting to set as we were riding.

My first impression just after we crossed the border in Tecate.

Then we had about one hour ride towards Valle de Guadalupe. A cute little town that is placed among the mountains and vineyards. After some time on gravel roads we arrived what we thought was our hotel, Hotel Boutique. And after a glass of locally made red wine, the receptionist found out that we’re staying at Hotel Boutique Valentino. Which is the next hotel down the road.

This is the first hotel we arrived to, Hotel Boutique. This is the restaurant part that also have live music. 

And this was our hotel. Hotel Boutique Valentino. Where we got our own cabin for the night. 

We only stayed here for one night, but it was a really beautiful place and relaxing for sure. The next morning we went back on the road towards Ensenada. Which is about a 50 min drive south from Valle de Guadalupe.

Ensenada is a bigger harbour city along the west coast in Baja California. And one of the things I’ve been looking forward to for a long time was to try out the ceviche. It’s just so good!

We went around for a bit, checking out the place, before we started the ride towards San Clemente again. From Ensenada, thats roughly just over a 3 hour drive. Also depends on how the traffic at the border is. We went through Tijuana on the way back, which is a much bigger border than Tecate.

But the views up along the coast in Baja California is beautiful! And I found it fascinating how big difference it is from each side of the border.


It was a lot of fun, and I’m very happy that we got to spend a weekend in Mexico.

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