The last adventure in Iceland. Höfn – Akureyri – Reykjavík.

This has been one  crazy summer. Crazy fun for sure! I got sick at my last days before leaving Höfn. Probably a good mix between hangover as fuck and catching the flu, that later turned into the cold.

It had been raining a lot, and a week before departure, the road and a bridge literally got washed away. So the roadtrip along the southern coastline could not longer happen. Thats a straight 6 hour drive on the southern coastline compared to two days around all of Iceland. The three of us girls (Ellen, Sara and myself) did not wanna fly back and miss the chance to see Iceland, so then we went for the roadtrip around the island!

Without really knowing what car I had rented, we ended up with a tiny granny car as I called it. Filled up with so much luggage that I could barely see anything out through the back window.

Here is Sara! Think she also got very happy when we fixed the luggage problem. Haha!

We were lucky that the day of departure, the weather was a lot better. It was still very windy, around 25 m/s some places. And I felt the wind grab and move the car from time to time. Gotta have some everyday action!

The distances are long, the views endless and it feels like you’ve stepped straight into heaven.

We spent our first night in Egilsstaðir, a cute little town on the eastern side of Iceland. And we slept like babies in a guesthouse, that has views towards the river and airport.

After a little too late departure from Egilsstaðir, we made it to Akureyri after a good amount of hours in the car. It is far between towns and people, especially in the northern part of Iceland. We had some short stops along the way to see some amazing places.

Hverir geothermal area.

Yes, there is coming smoke out of the ground and this rock. And Ellen can confirm that it is very hot.

The area here is very close to the volcano Krafla, and it is located in north of Iceland. Arriving here feels like arriving Mars. Blue water, the smell of sulphur and the dry/muddy brown ground that smoke comes out of.

A naturally hot river floating not too far from the crater to Krafla volcano.
The crater lake at Krafla volcano.

And not too long before we arrived the next town we stopped by the famous waterfall Goðafoss. Which is a beautiful waterfall. But Ellen and I went there one time before, in the middle of the night. We could feel the waterfall and barely see the white, and above us was the northern lights dancing. And of course, no tourists there. This time we got to see it in daylight, but that also means no northern lights and a lot more tourists.

Closing in to Akureyri.

When we arrived Akureyri, we needed a break, so we went for dinner at the Hamburger Factory. That meal was so good. Foodgasm. Can definitely recommend that place!

From there we continued on the road, way to full of food. and witnessed so much beautiful nature and landscapes all around us.

Just after the dark set in, we arrived our hostel, HI hostel Farfuglaheimili. And since it was outside the season, we had the whole building for ourselves. A cozy little place countryside and a very kind lady that hosted us.

We left early the next morning and continued our journey towards Reykjavík. And with a few stops along the way, among them, a cute little town called Akranes and lays in the west fjords of Iceland.

A volcano crater we also found on the way.
The view from the volcano crater we found along the road.

When we arrived Akranes, we all went up in the lighthouse. Which I found very scary hence I’m scared of heights. (Ironically enough since I have skydived too.) and my whole body was shaking so bad. But we all gotta challenge ourselves a little once in a while.

And we also found this little cute church in the middle of the town.

We closed in to Reykjavík, and after a meal in the city, we continued towards the golden circle for þingvellir national park. This beautiful national park is on the UNESCOs world heritage list and the park lies in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the boundary between the North American tectonic plate and the Eurasian. (Source) And the Icelandic Althing/parliament was founded here in 930 AD.

Öxarárfoss in Þingvellir national park.

We continued around the golden circle, now hoping that there would be a gas station somewhere. The distances was a lot longer than we first thought and we forgot to fill up the gas. Sara´s flight was leaving Keflavik airport later that night, and we had just enough time to go around the circle and back.

Luckily, and useful information for you if you are going here as well. Right next to the Geysir, is a tiny gas station to fill up your tank. We felt so relieved finding it, haha! We made it to the Geysir just in time for the sun to set. And lots of beautiful colours set the sky on fire while we could see the water shoot up in the air.

The geysir Strokkur.

After enjoying this for a while, we hit the road again, and speeded a little to make it to Gullfoss before it got too dark. It was very dark when we got there, but I managed to get one shot. We had the place to ourselves, something I’m very happy that we had. So majestic.


After here, we drove straight to Keflavik airport where Sara took her flight home. Ellen and I went into downtown Reykjavík where we had rented an apartment for the night through the union at work. The next day we just walked around in the city, had good food. I want to recommend the restaurant KOL, that lays a few hundred meters down from Hallgrímskirkja. We had the cheesecake there, and it was beyond good!

Later, I delivered Ellen to the airport and we said ‘see you later’ (no goodbyes). And I went back to Reykjavík alone. I met up with a colleague I worked with all summer, and I could crash on the couch for a one last night in this amazing country. (Thank you S)

The next morning I went to the airport and this journey ends. It has been one big adventure, and I’m so grateful for everything that I have experienced and all the new friends that I’ve made.

Now a new journey starts in a few hours where I’m going to California and South America.

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See you guys soon!
– Tonje

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