The city of San Fransisco

After getting a little something off my chest in my previous post «The things they dont tell you about San Fransisco.» I’m now ready to share the good stuff about this diverse city!

After arriving my hostel USA hostels, I went back out in the rain to do some exploring while it was still daylight. I started off with some food and then set off to walk up the hills and the streets. I got a little wet in all the rain, and found then some shelter in Grace cathedral, which is a big and stunning cathedral.

A woman approached me and let me know that I was welcome there always no matter what religion, or no religion at all. She was really kind and told me a few stories.

The next day I woke up to a blue sky and a beautiful warm weather. And one of the other girls at the hostel were going to Alcatraz. So I thought I could tag along, even though I had not booked any ticket in advance.

When we got there, it said on a sign that all the tours were sold out until Monday. A little bummed out that I was gonna miss Alcatraz, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to ask. So I did. She sent me to a kind man that actually gave me a ticket, for free! I had to stand in the stand by line, that’s the line that comes in last if there still room for more people on the ferry. But I made it! And saving those $45 made me very happy as I’m traveling on a tight budget.

Alcatraz is unique. The energy there is something, and I would like to share that experience in a post by itself. 

Pier 39 is also something that is nice to see if you are in this city. You can see both Golden Gate Bridge and the island Alcatraz, and all the seals that is sunbathing right in front of you. They are super adorable!

There is a lot to do in this beautiful city, but I still decided to go for the typical touristy places. Because I wanted to see it with my own eyes. Such as the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. That was an experience. Very romantic too. A lot of couples there, and one of them even proposed to his girl as the sun was setting. She said yes.

I went to Chinatown, which is the largest chinatown outside Asia! It was fun to walk in the streets, do some people watching and see a different culture in that spot of the city.

The entrance to the Chinese Culture Centre. And we went to an interesting exhibition about the Chinese immigrants to San Fransisco there.

After Chinatown I walked first to Lombard street, which is the most crookedest street in the world.

Lombard Street.

The Twin Peaks is also a place I’m very glad that I went to see, and of course so I could catch the sunset there. But had to catch an uber last minute so I could get there before the sunset. And I did, just in time!

And I wanted to put this one in here as well, cause I was not alone there. But it’s still a really nice place to visit!

Just remember to bring some warm clothes. Cause after the sun has set, it actually gets pretty cold.

There is still a whole lot I haven’t seen yet. There is so much going on in San Fransisco that you probably have to stay there for a long time to even get close to see it all.

Some locals also recommended me to see places like;
Golden Gate Park, which is huge, so you should set of a whole day for that. You can read more about it here.
Palace of fine arts theatre, that is a monumental structure originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in order to exhibit works of art presented there. – Source 

I can definitely recommend traveling here, but bring extra cash, cause it’s not the cheapest city for sure! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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