Sometimes you just wanna go home

Very often we see all these amazing posts with travel photos and new adventures. We see all the fun everyone is having while they’re traveling. But not very often are they talking about going home.

For a long time I had to go home because of my budget couldn’t keep me on the road anymore, but not until recently did I feel ready to go home before the money ran out. I was laying sick in my hostel bed in Quito, Ecuador. And the only thing I wanted was to go home and be with my family.

I think it’s important to talk about these things as well. It is as a big part of traveling as it is being on the road. And when your heart tells you to go home instead of pushing yourself to still be on the road «because, that was the plan after all«, then you will probably be more miserable than what you first wanted.

It took me two days to come home to my family. But I’m very happy with my decision. I have always traveled for my own happiness and the joy out of it, so when my gut feeling and heart tells me otherwise, then I follow it. I’m not going to stop traveling, but it’s good with a little break and to spend the Christmas Holidays with family and loved ones.

So my message with this post, what I’m trying say, is that it is okey to go home as much as it is going on new adventures. I don’t want it to be a taboo to talk about that.

And now I’m feeling much better, and I’m having a great time with family and I am really looking forward to spend Christmas with them!

Have you felt like going home a little earlier than planned? 

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