Reviews from the trip to Baja California, Mexico

When traveling, there is always new places to stay and new places to eat. I like to check reviews before I find accommodation or if there is a restaurant that is especially good. 


On the trip to Mexico we had a few stops a long the way. We took road 94 from San Diego and towards Tecate. And we found this little cute place called Barrett Junction Cafe. It’s a place with a soul for sure. I had a chicken breast sandwich, which was really good. You can find their menu here. And It’s located right next to the road, so it’s impossible to miss it. The staff was also very nice and treated us well.


After arriving Valle de Guadalupe we needed some dinner. So we went to the restaurant to Hotel Boutique that’s called Fuego Cocina del Valle. It’s a cozy place with live music and good service. My friend did the ordering of food and drinks, so I don’t have the name of the course. But it was some delicious octopus. You can find their website here.

And I found out for sure how cheap everything is in Mexico. Makes my budget smile a little longer!


And «downtown» Valle de Guadalupe there’s a really nice place called La Casona Bistro & Cava. We had a late breakfast before we hit the road again. It’s an open, bright and beautiful place. And they also have a porch with a stunning view out to the vineyards. The food and service is excellent and I enjoyed my breakfast there very much. This is their Facebook page.


Later, when we arrived Ensenada, there is this street food place my friend have gone to several times, cause they have such good ceviche. Its called Mariscos el Guero. And I can confirm that the ceviche is amazing! All seafood they have is fresh and they were still preparing the food they’d just gotten from the sea. Definitely recommend this place!



We had one night in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California at Hotel Boutique Valentino. We had our own little cabin with double sized bed and a bathroom. Everything was clean and really nice. Bed was very comfortable. They had a bottle of water available and a coffee machine with a bag of Mexican coffee as well.

We also had a big window where we had a beautiful view out to the vineyard and the mountains. In the main building to the hotel there’s a kitchen and a resting area with a TV. They also got WiFi, but that mostly only work in the main building. The hotel service was good and I would stay here again. This is their website.


If you have missed out on the post about the trip, you can find it here.


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