Party like the locals

One of the things I look for when traveling, is local stuff. Or if it´s something typical for that country. Maybe it´s a mix between getting new experiences and to learn more about the country that interests me, I don´t really know.

And last Saturday was one of those happenings here in Höfn. Once a year, gathers all the local seamen for a «ball». Where they have a good meal together before it opens up for the rest of the town and everyone party together.

And believe me when I say this. Icelandic people know how to drink. Maybe a bit too much sometimes, but man it was fun! It´s for the better that I didn’t´ bring my camera that night. But you can probably picture a lot of people dancing like crazy and spilling alcohol. Some start to make out, not necessarily in an elegant way. While others have more than enough to focus on standing up.

So from all that I can remember from that night, it was awesome! And now I can’t wait for lobster festival to kick in later this month!

Do you look for local happenings when you travel?

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