On the road

We often see photos when we have «reached a destination» or are someplace special or cool. Kinda like I often do too, with the lagoon and icebergs and an awesome waterfall.

But I´d also like to show you how it´s like on the road as well. For me it´s really fascinating how the flat landscapes and mountains are put together. Views into the horizon that lasts forever.

on the road iceland

I´ve always thought it´s the best to show how it really looks like. Cause very often we see a bit glorified photos where everything looks perfect no matter what. Even though Iceland actually looks perfect no matter how you take the photos. 

on the road iceland weather

On the road here, I´ve see more sheeps than cars and people. Everything is very clean, and I haven’t seen any littering, although the strong wind can grab stuff with it. So when we went to the beach it was a couple of footballs and trash there the wind and ocean had put there.

on the road iceland perfect mountain top

The weather here in Iceland changes very fast and feels very unpredictable, but the Icelandic weather cast is surprisingly precise. So if you´re going out for an adventure here, the weather cast should be checked before heading out. (Strong winds can flip your car or take the sand and destroy the polish on the car.)

And it can be rain, wind, fog and a sunny day in one day. So my best tip would be: Bring sunglasses, windproof and waterproof clothes and especially wool clothes.

on the road iceland

And it´s always fun to go out and explore, to make your own path and see new places. But be careful of where you go here in Iceland. And don´t drive off road. The moss and all the green life here have spent thousands of years to even start growing, and ripping that up from the ground destroys it, and it have to start all over again. Life doesn’t grow easily on volcanic rocks.  Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.

And I would really recommend everyone to visit this awesome country!






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