Never stop exploring

There are three words that is so important. «Never stop exploring». I´m amazed every day, by the beauty in this world. And I love to head out to see new places, or even go to places I´ve been before. To only see more beauty, like a sunset, wildlife or a new season.  It´s never the same. Either you or the place have changed. Or both.

Sunset in Höfn

Thats also what I like about this place. The weather changes fast and you never really know what to expect. The animal life is so alive with birds flying around you (while you´re hoping they´re not gonna shit on you.), seals in the sea and this cozy little red cat that lives down the street.

birds flying iceland

I´ve always been a person that sees beauty in almost everything. Look at the bright side they said, and so she did. We only have here and now, in this life. And we should do our best to fulfil our dreams. Or as Oprah Winfrey said «The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.»  And she´s right.

birds flying sunset höfn iceland

So, if you don´t love what you´re doing. Change it. Make baby steps or big steps, but just do something to get one bit closer to your dream life. Cause that´s what we all want right?

My roommate Linnea and I.


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