Hit by the storm

Yesterday was my one day off, and guess what. This big storm hit us just on that one day. I had been planning a trip to Jökulsárlon lagoon, this awesome place with big icebergs from Vatnajökull glacier. (Even a scene from James Bond was filmed there.)

And as stubborn as I am, I woke up early, walked through wind so strong I had to often lean forward to move forward. When I checked the weather cast, it showed that the wind was up in 32 meters per second where I was planning on going. So going west was no longer an option.

Storm Höfn

Then east it is! With only 15-20 meters per second… One of the last things someone said before I left was. «Be careful, the wind can easily flip this car, it happens. You should rather stay inside and watch Netflix.»

Nope, not what I had planned.

storm iceland

After two km in strong winds, on the phone with my mom and adrenaline up in my throat, I decided to turn the car around. There is no kidding with nature and it´s forces. And every once in a while it is good to have that reminder. I´m just a toothpick that can be easily broken by mother earth. So much power.

rainy storm iceland


Have you been driving in a storm before? 



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