Hiking into the Grand Canyon, Arizona

After leaving Las Vegas, we had a good road trip ahead of us. The roads are long and very straight forward, and there’s not too much exciting stuff that happens along the road. Even though there are a lot of beautiful nature to look at.

We arrived the South Rim of Grand Canyon, and were thinking of camping somewhere. We found a little spot, but decided to do something else instead. So we ended up in one of the lounges in the park, looking at a map. D found the Bright Angel Trail, and so we went to buy flashlights, a beanie and a blanket. And some liquor.

Then we grabbed our sleeping bags, and set off into the trail and the darkness. Little did we know how it looked like around us.

When we arrived the 1,5 miles/2,4 km resting spot, we had some food. And we didn’t really mean to go too much further. But we wanted to see if we could make it to the 3 miles/4,8 km resting spot and sleep there for the night. But after walking and talking and not see too much, we managed to walk straight past the resting spot.

And before we knew it we got to this sign saying «Welcome to Indian Garden.» Which is 4,5 miles/7,2 km into the trail. We just laughed at ourselves and then found a little path, that led us to a nice spot to sleep at.

We set camp with the blanket on the ground and us in our sleeping bags on top. And we were just laying there, looking at millions of stars, seeing the silhouette of the mountains surrounding us and framing the sky. And just listening to the quietness as we fell asleep while watching at shooting stars.

And then I woke up cause I was freezing cold and stayed awake for 2-3 hours because of that. But not too long after, the sun started to rise. And it made me speechless. The view, the colours on the sky, the natural beauty that was right in front of me.

As the sunrise started, I fell asleep and woke up many times. And everytime I woke up, I was just gasping, trying to take it all in.

That’s what makes me so happy. To be so present in a moment, to try to look for words to describe what you felt or are feeling, but you just can’t find the words for it. To be so speechless.

I am a person that sees beauty in the small things in life. Even when things feels like shit or it’s not going my way, I still look at the bright side. So when I get to see the amount of beauty like this. I’m just mind blown.

One thing was hiking down in the darkness. Sure, you could feel that too in your feet, but hiking back up the next morning was a little rougher.

Someone made a good choice taking the mules on the way down – and up again.
This is the mountain we hiked back up.

The trail was pretty well made. And also prepared with «ditches» in case of rain, so it would go off the trail. And it was easier to walk on than asfalt, because of all the soft sand.


These are the memories I’m forever grateful to have, and to be able to have these experiences. Thanks to D, that took me on this trip!









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