Glacier walking on Vatnajökull

In the beginning of September we got the opportunity to go on glacier walking with my colleagues through work. We went with Glacier Trips, and started a 40 minute drive 11 am, after getting all the equipment we would need for the trip.

When we arrived, we had a 20 minute hike to get to the boat. And then a short boat ride before we arrived Flaájökull, one of the tongues of Vatnajökull.

And when we arrived at the foot at the glacier, the guides showed us a stick they set up in May this year, so we could see how much of the glacier that has melted. And its so much! It´s crazy how fast this glacier is melting! It might be hard to spot, but its about 40 meters.

And with all the ice that melts in Iceland, the country is actually rising by 1 cm a year. While The Netherlands is sinking, hence to the water level is rising.

We got ready by the foot of the glacier, got all the equipment ready and on us before a quick guide on how to use it. And the fun and exciting journey began.

The guide Sindri with Glacier Trips is telling stories.

It is so beautiful there that I’m out of words. The blue ice, the sharp ice tops, the waves of ice with black volcanic ash and the molans, Which is the deep holes you don´t wanna fall down in. So I will let the pictures talk for themselves. So you can see some of the beauty, even though pictures doesn’t justify how beautiful it really is there.

A crack with ice blue water. We could not see the bottom of this one.
Can you spot the human?

Here is a molan.
And on the way down, we spotted a little ice cave.

This day trip have given me experiences and memories for life. And I’m so grateful for this experience. I have had it on my bucketlist for quite some time to walk on a glacier. But that it was gonna be on Vatnajökull, which is Europes biggest glacier and National Park, I would not believe that a year ago. Many thanks to amazing guides and my boss that made this happen, and to my awesome colleagues that made this day.

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