Exploring Höfn

Recently I got a question about clubbing in Höfn. And the answer is no, there is no clubbing here. On the other hand, I hear locals talk about house party´s and drinking, like that´s all they know. (And then they laugh.) The Lobster Festival is getting closer (first week in July), and I´m excited on how they celebrate that here!

Even though it´s not much to do, it is still some things you can do (besides drinking and watching Netflix). I´m still in the process of finding that out, but most things has to do with nature. The glaciers, mountains and views around here is stunning. And it´s lots of birds that makes funny noises (that is impossible to repeat, haha).

I´ll just share part one of my exploring!

Where I now work.

This is the local police station. The bank, post office and police station is within 1 minute walk from where I live. So it´s a bad idea to rob the bank.
For some reason, I always find it interesting to check out the supermarket in new countries.

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