Attacked by big birds

I´ll probably remember this trip for the rest of my life! 

Two locals here in Höfn took me out on a surprise day trip and didn’t wanna tell me where we where going. So I sat in the backseat of the car stoked on life and excited for what this day would bring.

backseat car

I´m not used to not know. As a person I love to plan, find out exciting things to do, and then do it. But it´s also a fantastic feeling to just let go and go with the flow. 

We headed out on the countryside and drove on a dusty road towards the sea. We arrived at a black beach and I got told to look for a long stick. There are big brown/black birds flying around that attacks as soon as they get the chance. So we would hold the stick over our heads, since they attack the highest point. Better to give them the stick rather than our heads!

holding up stick iceland black beach

It was so much fun walking around. It feels like a deserted place, cause you can’t see anyone for miles and you find old trash buried in the sand that the wind and sea has taken. And the property is one of the locals family property, so it´s not a place where tourists can go either. And I love that part. To be a place where not everybody can go.

After a little while we wanted to take some cool shots and found this peak. After I went up to pose, the girls started to scream after a few minutes.  (The wind was prett strong, so it was hard to hear that they were screaming.) And I´m turning around and this huge bird is coming up behind me, ready to attack!


making a black angel

The funny thing was that one of the girls managed to get a photo of me that moment I turned around and saw the bird coming against me!

bird attack

I ran down and escaped the attack, luckily! We then returned to the car and was starting to think about lunch. And when we got back I noticed the separation between the river and the water that come from the glacier. A clear separation between blue and brownish water. And I ran over to take a cool photo.

The moment I was about to take up my camera and take an awesome shot I turned around and I see 5-6 big birds is flying towards me. And since I had left the stick back at the car, I had nothing to protect myself with. And before any shots was taken I ran for my life to get to the car in time.

And thank God I made that decision! And I made it back just in time. But, the place I wanted to take a photo of, just have to stay in my memories. There is beauty here wherever you look.


Hope everyone have had a great weekend!




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