Arriving Reykjavík, Iceland

Briefly told, I´ve gotten a job in Höfn, Iceland. I´ve always loved traveling, so it felt natural to combine both work and travel. And I will take you with me on this journey, traveling the world. To show you reality and beauty.

Friday morning I arrived Keflavik airport. Went on the first bus to Reykjavík and felt ready for my new adventure.

In Reykjavík I met my future Swedish colleague at Hallgrímkirkja. Awesome girl, and one almighty big church, that the design is inspired after the waterfall Svartifoss.

We went on to find a place to eat, and ended up at Gló, a vegan restaurant. And the food is incredible, so if ever in Reykjavík then I would recommend you to check them out.

After a great meal, we wanderlusted around the streets until we found the art museum, Listahäskóli Íslands. Where students have their exhibitions in fashion design, visuals, architecture and singing. An interesting place to see things in a different perspective.

Later on we went on our next flight to Höfn. A small place southeast on Iceland next to Vatnajökull, (the largest glacier in Europe) with just a little over 2000 inhabitants.

The view is stunning. It´s almost indescribable the beauty and the rawness of this country. And to wake up in my hotel room and look at the glacier, definitely makes a good start in a new day.

I hope you will join me on new adventures. See you soon! 

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