About last night

Now has the lobster festival officially started here in Höfn. Literally the moment we came in the door after finishing work, we had beer in our hands. Listened to some good music, had fun and played some cards.

After some time and being fashionably late for the startup with the concert and food kiosk, we arrived and had lots of fun. I even got to try out the famous lobster sandwich, which was very good! And it was something for kids and grown ups. Food, alcohol (involved, but not served) and a known Icelandic singer.

lobster festival startup1

kiosk servering


After some awesome time there, we went on an played some freebee golf. Which I’ve always been really bad at, so the wind did not make it any better, haha! But it was fun!

freesbee golf view

playing freebee golf

Now it´s two more days with work, and on Saturday is the big day with another ball (party), that is known to be crazy. So I´m looking forward to that!

Have a nice weekend everyone!




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