A night in Las Vegas

They say «What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.» I would like to upgrade that one to «What happens in Vegas, stays in snapchat for 24 hours.» 

Some places you just need to go and experience for yourself. Places where so much craziness happens, but also gives you so many amazing memories.

We arrived pretty late after a long drive from Southern California. And you could see all the shining and blinking lights from Las Vegas from a far. We drove down The Strip, and caught a water show with the Fountains of Bellagio with beautiful music to it.

We parked the car and roamed the streets and casinos. Looking around. Tried gambling a little bit.

We met up with a buddy that lives there and we went out for some food at Margeritaville. Which has pretty good food and service. Even though a little expensive, but everything is expensive in Vegas.

After a good meal, we headed towards Sapphire Gentleman’s Club. Which is the worlds biggest strip club with 400+ «entertainers». It’s a night I will not forget for sure.

It got pretty late, and we headed to a bar for some breakfast before heading home to D’s buddy. (Thank you for letting us stay over J.)

We went to sleep just over 4 AM,  got a couple hours of sleep before we headed back on the road towards Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Thanks for this time Vegas, I’ll be back.


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